Desideration : Bookish

Desideration : Bookish

I am always spotting pretty things that I am convinced I need and will change my life.  Budget restrictions obviously hamper the acquisition of everything I desire, acting as a convenient safeguard against my capricious nature.  Lately I've been all about literary accessories.  It started out with my desire for the Penguin Classic iPhone cover and sort of spiralled from there.  Along the way I found the perfect Nancy Drew T-shirt for Miss 7 and Le Petit Prince vest for Mast. L.  Otherwise, everything else is stuff I want.  I don't really know what I'd do with the Penguin postcards other than admire them.  They're too nice to actually use.  Maybe put them in a frame or something.  Same with the EAP print.  One can never have too much Poe in one's life as far as I'm concerned.

Sarah x

By way of disclaimer, I have not been paid to endorse any brands or products shown here and it is not my intention, nor indeed do I believe I have the influence, to entice anybody to part with their hard earned cash.  This is purely a product of my admiration and whimsy :)


  1. Those Penguin paperbacks are so iconic, a truly classic design. Nothing wrong with virtual window-shopping, is there? xxx


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