Friday, 12 December 2014

Hanging on the Telephone

Snapshots of a muddled life captured through an iPhone lens

1.  Spring 2015, it's on!  2. Finally out on DVD

3.  My rad new handmade cushions  4.  Ticked these beauties off my wishlist

5 & 6. Recent thrifted purchases - 50p each

7.  Mmmmm!  8.  A sign of fun times

 Really wish I had more to report folks but things are rather frantic on the hamster wheel of life at the moment.  I've been a busy eBay seller, I might even have opened an Etsy shop... more on that soon!  I've bought some new stuff in the Black Friday sales and I've been looking after my gorgeous but troubled 9 month old who is leaving drool covered teeth marks in everything he touches.  The weather in the UK has been a mix of non stop downpours with the occasional short lived flash of sunlight so it's been pretty hard to get out and about as much as I'd like.  So many places I want to visit and take photographs.  I had my hair cut and recoloured last week but I've still not managed to get any decent shots to show you.  By the time you see it I will no doubt be sporting a lovely regrowth.


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