Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Beauty in Decay : Cafe Society

Yesterday me and the Mister took our now 1 year old, not so little boy for a walk in Otterspool Park situated close to Liverpool's famous waterfront and promenade.  This area of the city is full of treasures and snapshots of history.  I particularly adore this abandoned cafe which stands on the balustrade of what was once the grand Otterspool House owned by influential Victorian businessman and slave owner John Moss.   I'm not sure exactly when the cafe was built and when it closed down but I could have spent the entire morning wandering around it, reading the graffiti and taking photographs.  There is something so magical about these 'ghosts' of the past especially as this is a ghost upon a ghost.  I just hope that it remains exactly as it is and doesn't fall prey to redevelopment or vandalism.  Both of which can be equally brutal.

Also I thought it was about time I made a full length appearance around here, even though I didn't manage to raise a smile.  My first official outfit post of SJA!

Outfit details:-

Dress : Jo Browns
Cardi : Asos
Boots & bag : Amazon

At least 3 items I'm wearing appear on my list of desire - see if you can spot them :)



So the last couple of posts were a bit raw weren't they.  Where did that come from?  I dunno.  I think perhaps I felt like it needed to be said for the sake of honesty.  I was in that much of a fog that I couldn't even think about anything else and I just needed to get it off my chest.  As much as I shy away from oversharing online, it's important to me to remain authentic and I appreciate your thoughtful and considered comments.  Let's see how we go...


  1. That is certainly an atmospheric place. The dress is pretty too. It's good to be honest and if you can't be on your own blog, then where can you be?x

  2. Theres something so cool about a place like that covered in Graffiti. x

  3. You look so pretty against that wonderfully decrepit cafe. Walsall's Arboretum had an almost identical building in a similar state of decay but its been revamped, thankfully sympathetically.
    Good to see you again. I can't believe the baby is one. Doesn't time fly?
    You write beautifully. There's nothing wrong with sharing. xxx

  4. It's great to see you in a post, the old cafe makes a fantastic location.
    Write what you like, it's your blog, and honesty, however raw, is never less than powerful and effective. xxx

  5. What a cool place. I can definitely see 20 year old me, hanging out, chain smoking cigarettes and talking religion and politics with my friends at that spot.


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