Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Parrots, Pineapples & Cheshire Cat

Check out that dust

Seriously, that's shameful

Wipe it over, there we go

I have been dying to take some outfit shots for ages but despite now possessing a decent camera, a tripod and a wireless clicky thing I just never get around to it.  Location is the main problem.  My house is always a tip, my back yard is too small and full of bikes and toys and as much as I love the Victorian brick of the back alley, it's usually obscured by wheelie bins, not to mention nosy neighbours.  Trips out anywhere are mostly child orientated and don't lend themselves to posing all moody in front of some graffiti.  Not to mention the ever elusive time.

Last week my new pineapple and parrot dress arrived and I resolved to capture it's debut.  Tripod etc too fiddly and time consuming so mirror selfies it was.  I hope you like the last one in particular, taken from the glamour of a charity shop changing room.  I get very excited when I see dresses in novelty prints.  Florals are all well and good and nobody likes a good ditsy number more than me, but seriously, how many different variations of floral can you get?  Shake things up a little.  Throw some strawberries or hearts or wildlife in there will ya!  I also wanted to show off my new rainbow shoes.  Bought them in the Asos sale ages ago but have only just worn them.

I have so many things I've bought and never worn.  I'm like a magpie.  I grab pretty things and store them away.

Dress : H by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Shoes : YRU via Asos
Cardi : Supermarket - buttons replaced by me
Beads : charity shop
Bracelets & bands : all over the place



  1. Cute dress print! I like novelty prints too, I have a few prints in my own wardrobe x

  2. That is indeed a lovely print, and I'm rather taken by the rainbow shoes too!
    I know what you mean about finding a spot to take photos - I haven't got a single place inside the house that will do, so I brave the neighbours' stares and go out in the garden. They've got used to me now and I find I am less self-conscious.
    I very rarely buy things and don't wear them - get those stored-up pretty things worn, Sarah! xxx

  3. lovely outfit and you look nice with blonde hair. (i was following your blog when you had dark hair, ha!) back to the blogging world after a spell in the real world, love your new blog.

  4. Love the pattern of the dress and it looks great with pink belt.
    Love your blog, would you like to follow eachother?

  5. How tall are you? Just wondering what length this would come up to on me? As on the debenhams website it looks long x

    1. I'm 5.8'. Dresses need to be at least 45 inches long to be a true knee length on me :(

  6. Ha, the dust! We have VERY dusty mirrors (and window sills, shelves, carpets...) Sorry I missed this and shoe twins! I have these shoes too! Aren't they cool!xx


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