Thursday, 23 April 2015

The art of living

Spot the toddler

My living room on a typical day.  Me in scruffy ill fitting jeans, an old tunic dress, a comfy cardi and greasy hair.  Toys scattered about the floor.  I don't mind.  My 'typical days' are starting to become bearable.  The cloud seems to be lifting.  I am starting to enjoy some of the little things again and am able to overlook others.  Cuddles and kisses from my baby are like oxygen.  The sun has also made a most timely welcome back.  I describe myself as cautiously optimistic.  I am also well and truly medicated.  I finally seem to have found the right combination and the proper "therapeutic dose" of each.  I know that's not a road for everybody but I have two young children and it's the most responsible thing I can do for them as well as for myself. 

So what have I been up to lately?

Reading : Edgar Allen Poe, time wasting internet fluff (lack of concentration)

Listening : Joni Mitchell, Kate Rusby, The Kinks, 

Watching : Better Call Saul, Jam & Jerusalem, old French & Saunders sketches on Youtube

Wearing : Lots of black due to a temporary aversion to bright colours.

Consuming : Yes lots of that.  Buying lots.  It's a kind of obsessive compulsive thing which afflicts me at darker times of my life.  Also gobbling up Mars Bars like free hor d'oeuvres. 

Obsessing about : So so many things but mainly about Jennifer Saunders and people from my childhood dying too soon. 

Looking forward to : Berlin baby!

I'd like to thank Bianca for this idea that I have blatantly stolen lovingly emulated.

I've also been pinning like a maniac.  I was never really that into things like Instagram and Pinterest which always seemed to me to be faddish and a bit shallow.  I did use Pinterest as a moodboard for home decor ideas and the like but never followed or was followed by anyone.  Didn't see the point.  However, in the last few weeks, the obsessive compulsive tick has gone into overdrive and I am like a woman possessed.  Every little whim and fancy is googled and pinned within minutes.  I go from thought to board in record time.  I have literally gone from 11 boards to 43 in a fortnight.  Maybe it's just a reflection of how busy it has been inside my head.  Anyone would think I have too much free time on my hands or something but thats the catch with this internet thingy.  It has been subtly draining away my time from other things I should be doing. Pinterest is a time thief but it's oh so compelling.  Check out the little button in the sidebar if you want a glimpse into my psyche.



  1. Good to know that things are picking up, Sarah. Cautious optimism sounds like a sound approach to life, I reckon.
    I bet your house on an untidy day is still loads better than mine - I really can't be arsed with housework.
    Loving the soundtrack, and the glimpse of gorgeous boy child! xxx

  2. Glad to hear that things are starting to get better for you Sarah x

  3. What a fab picture, look at those cute toddler curls and your fox tunic! Who cares about housework? Not me! I sold our vacuum cleaner at yesterday's car boot sale 'cos I never used it.
    Berlin? I've yet to meet anyone whose been and doesn't love it. xxx

  4. I'm a pinterest junkie, I'll admit that. Your fox/skull combo is a winner! I'm going to snoop about your pinterest page now. Bye!


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