Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hanging on the Telephone : #3

s/s 2015 so far - through my iPhone lens

1.  Lots of cocktails  2.  Hotel corridor selfie, Mitte, Berlin

3 Me and a Pina Colada  4  More cocktails on the beach, Costa Del Sol, Spain

4.  Lame lame lame attempt at an outfit shot but I like the way my nails match my sunglasses
5.  Haribo pick n mix in the local supermarket, Antequera, Spain (I made several purchases during our stay)

6.  Crap doodlings with my new Sharpies and sketchpad  7.  The Mister and I amusing ourselves by spelling out lines from some of our favourite comedy sketches on the fridge (just as well there was a shortage of 'h''s

8.  Pre-holiday 'bits'   9.  This IT Crowd themed postcard is how I feel about most things most days 

10.  Spring in the park  11.  Lunch at Liverpool's oldest wine bar

Since my last post I have been quite the busy bee.  The Mister and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary (albeit a little early) in my beloved Berlin.  We've been decorating the bathroom which is still only partially done and have somehow found time to have a full on family holiday in Spain's beautiful Andalusian Mountains.  Can't complain really.  The fog of depression and anxiety routinely rears it's head but my medication regime is fairly well established and I am actually finding things much easier to deal with.    On Tuesday night we went to see the sublime Suzanne Vega in the Liverpool Phil.  Of course I spent the entire day leading up to it on the verge of tears and convincing myself I couldn't possibly go (my usual MO for any impending social activity), however, I knuckled down, layered on the Ruby Woo and got on with it.  I'm so glad I did because she was amazing.  Her voice has become more velvet-like with age and I can only describe the song arrangements as haunting.  I would have missed it and not known what I'd missed.  It made me realise that I really need to try and keep kicking life in the ass in a similar manner in future.  Hope you are well dear reader?



  1. I'm glad you're feeling okay, depression is a horrible beast, mine is making itself more of a nuisance of late :/
    Love the first picture of you ❤

  2. Get you, two holidays, an anniversary, AND Suzanne Vega! It might be the antidepressants, or possibly the Haribos, cocktails and red lippy, but whatever is doing the job, I'm pleased to hear things are looking up. I think lots of people experience that anticipatory pre-socialising anxiety, which obviously abates if you avoid the situation, but then you miss out on so much by doing so. Here's to kicking the ass of life! xxx

  3. Oh congratulations! I'm glad the anxiety and depression is getting a bit better and you've had some lovely occasions. I love your doodles, they are very very good! Mine aren't that neat!
    The fridge magnets made me laugh- ha ha!!!!! x

  4. Holidays and gigs, sounds like bliss! Good to hear things are going well and that you managed to see SV despite the anxiety.
    You look particularly gorgeous in that first photo. x

  5. That's really sweet of you to be worried about it! I always appreciate the sentiment of a present although I find it a bit embarassing. I often end up with chocolates (too many) and bath products (see below). How much were you intending to spend. Mine very often spend a couple of ponds perhaps. Ok, so re presents, I do think it depends on the individual. There was a year 3 teacher (cheeky!) who always used to hint to his kids that he liked wine. For me, that would be terrible as I hate wine! The best presents I ever received were: a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver set and psychic paper from a kid who knew I loved Doctor Who and then she bought me a book by my favourite author. Another (very very generous!) kid bought me a £5 WH Smith voucher which I loved as I was always buying bits and pieces for the kids at school anyway- her friend gave me a Tesco voucher! They were incredibly useful presents! The Mum put on the card that she wanted to get me something useful but thought I should choose myself. I loved a handmade wreath when I got married. If you had thought about buying smellies (which I don't personally enjoy as I prefer natural products), you could buy small voucher for the Body Shop so they could choose their own or M&S as they do smellies! Hard to say really, sorry if I am not much help, but you could get your kid to find out if she has any favourite thing!?x


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