Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ethel Constance Snowdrop Raven

That was the name on a gravestone I saw in the Coniston graveyard I was wandering around in with the mister recently.  I thought it was so pretty and quite unusual for the Victorian era.  Whenever I hear names I like I think about how nice it would be to pop out a couple more babies so I can use them, obviously these thoughts are fleeting, and I rapidly come back to my senses.

Anyhow, here is something of an outfit post for you.  Since my hair has been blonde (actually it's now a sort of half and half) I've had a thing about black clothes.  Maybe it's just me but whenever I have had blonde hair in the past it makes me feel lighter and brighter, appearance wise, which I always feel the need to temper with darkness.  It made me realise just how few black clothes I actually own, a complete about face from my teenage wardrobe.  So I made a few purchases over the last few months to try and put it right.  When we went on a wee weekend break a couple of weeks back I put on my best black display and snapped a few pics for posterity.

Outfit details:-

Dress: Joe Browns
Boots:  Docs 
Cardi:  Asos
Bag: Joe Browns 

Some of you may recognise the location of the last two photos from this post.  It's actually a back alley in the small village of Alston on the edge of Cumbria.  I think it looks like it could easily double for poverty stricken Victorian London, which I suppose is why I like it so much.


  1. Great outfit. And what a unique name! I would love to do a rubbing of that headstone and frame it.

  2. What a lovely name - very usual for the time.

  3. That's a lovely name! And Ruskin's gravestone is rather gorgeous too.
    As are you - it's good to see you! xxx


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