Old Cape Cod

Old Cape Cod.  Falmouth, pretty shiny fire engines, retro diners, ice cream shops open till after dark, my first experience of Michael's craft store (heaven), lawn flamingos, Ocean State Job Lot, happy kids on the beach, Dairy Queen, Cupcake Charlies and sandy streets.  Plymouth; Tiny tiny Plymouth Rock, Cole Porter in my head, rainbow blizzards, endless street market and suffocating heat.  Down town Provincetown, LGBT capital of Cape Cod, rainbow flags, rainbow houses, feathers, ribbon and tulle, ice cream, gelato, lots and lots of t-shirt shops, hot dogs with cheese sauce.

Dammit I love America.  But this seems like a lifetime ago now.  I have just returned from the dark heart of the New Galloway forest where I've been drinking in the Autumn splendour.   It couldn't be further removed from this happy-go-lucky, sunny place... but I'm fine with it.  

Goodbye summer, it was fun.  Hello Autumn my old friend.


  1. All that bright colour, and bright light - gorgeous, but yes, the current foggy conditions make that seem like another planet! Glad you've been enjoying your travels. xxx

  2. I love all those colors! Nice pictures =)


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