Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ethel Constance Snowdrop Raven

That was the name on a gravestone I saw in the Coniston graveyard I was wandering around in with the mister recently.  I thought it was so pretty and quite unusual for the Victorian era.  Whenever I hear names I like I think about how nice it would be to pop out a couple more babies so I can use them, obviously these thoughts are fleeting, and I rapidly come back to my senses.

Anyhow, here is something of an outfit post for you.  Since my hair has been blonde (actually it's now a sort of half and half) I've had a thing about black clothes.  Maybe it's just me but whenever I have had blonde hair in the past it makes me feel lighter and brighter, appearance wise, which I always feel the need to temper with darkness.  It made me realise just how few black clothes I actually own, a complete about face from my teenage wardrobe.  So I made a few purchases over the last few months to try and put it right.  When we went on a wee weekend break a couple of weeks back I put on my best black display and snapped a few pics for posterity.

Outfit details:-

Dress: Joe Browns
Boots:  Docs 
Cardi:  Asos
Bag: Joe Browns 

Some of you may recognise the location of the last two photos from this post.  It's actually a back alley in the small village of Alston on the edge of Cumbria.  I think it looks like it could easily double for poverty stricken Victorian London, which I suppose is why I like it so much.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Old Cape Cod

Old Cape Cod.  Falmouth, pretty shiny fire engines, retro diners, ice cream shops open till after dark, my first experience of Michael's craft store (heaven), lawn flamingos, Ocean State Job Lot, happy kids on the beach, Dairy Queen, Cupcake Charlies and sandy streets.  Plymouth; Tiny tiny Plymouth Rock, Cole Porter in my head, rainbow blizzards, endless street market and suffocating heat.  Down town Provincetown, LGBT capital of Cape Cod, rainbow flags, rainbow houses, feathers, ribbon and tulle, ice cream, gelato, lots and lots of t-shirt shops, hot dogs with cheese sauce.

Dammit I love America.  But this seems like a lifetime ago now.  I have just returned from the dark heart of the New Galloway forest where I've been drinking in the Autumn splendour.   It couldn't be further removed from this happy-go-lucky, sunny place... but I'm fine with it.  

Goodbye summer, it was fun.  Hello Autumn my old friend.

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