Sunday, 3 January 2016

Making An Effort

Dress - Vintage (absolutely falling to bits but I love it)
Cardi - Sainsburys, with different buttons
Brooch - Topshop via charity shop
Brogues - Asos sale

Here I am taking outfit shots in my bedroom mirror having just put Master L to sleep.  Listening to Ace of Spades very loudly on my headphones in honour of Lemmy (sadface)

About a week ago (so nothing to do with the time of year) I decided that I have spent far too long moping about the house in pyjamas.  Throwing on the first thing in my wardrobe that doesn't make me feel fat.  Going out to work having just about managed a spray of dry shampoo over my roots. Only doing anything because I have to and therefore exerting only the very minimal of endeavour. It's time to make more of an effort.  Time to wear those nice dresses that hang in the wardrobe for months and years on end.  Wear all those lipsticks you've accumulated over the years that just sit in a box on my dresser because a smear of vaseline does the job.  Time to stop using the busy mum excuse for not bothering with my appearance and actually get out of bed earlier.  Time to set a healthier all round example to my daughter.

I'm only around a week in and I know it's not going to revolutionise my life but on the days when I get up early, get take some time to pick a nice outfit, apply some make up and do my hair properly, the difference is discernible.

Back to work tomorrow.  Alarm set for 7am...


  1. You look great! For me, I've no car, no public transportation and nothing within walking distance. I have no way or reason to leave the house so getting all gussied up for me is such a rare treat!

  2. Good for you and you look great! I hope work went well. x

  3. Good for you and you look great! I hope work went well. x


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