Thursday, 30 June 2016

Anatomy of a Cocktail Party

1.  Simple handmade invitations

2.  A well stocked bar (with optional mannequin)

3.  A specials board

4.  The kind of spotless home that only ever happens when you have visitors

5.  Displays of sweetness, naughty and nice

6.  Colourful cocktail accouterments (advisable year round)

7.  Handmade drinks labels

8.  Handmade drinks

9.  Lovely friends who bring blooms

10.  A happy mess the following morning


  1. You know how much I love seeing your fabulously cool house. What a brilliant party that must have been. Your invites are super cool and that array of fruit looks wonderful. xxx

  2. "bubblegum syrup" there's something I've never tried but would definitely love to. I dream of the perfect mini bar, something either super neon and 80s looking or classic Mad Men style!


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