Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Craft Therapy

"Once upon a time, there was a thirty something malcontent who, after years and years of flat out refusal, realised she needed to grow up and help herself to try and tackle some longstanding issues she had with among other things 'real life' with the help of a therapist.  The malcontent found herself some time later in a therapists office trying to write a list of day to day activities that she found 'pleasurable'.  When on completion of that list, she looked back and realised it consisted of; travel, exploration of old buildings, photography and long solitary walks in the woods, realised that perhaps she should try to find some activities that weren't so blindly impossible to do with a toddler in tow and a home and a job to keep.  Hence she discovered, papercraft."

Good evening chaps

Just a little bedtime story there!  Well, as you can probably tell, I have been turning my hand to the odd spot of crafting.  Card making is something I have done infrequently over the years but never really had it as a hobby.  I can't think why not.  At the moment I am absolutely loving it and I don't know where it's been all my life.  I bought a shedload of craft supplies which ended up costing a fortune (massive fail on the therapy front as one of my biggest issues is compulsive spending... uh oh!) even though individually everything cost buttons.  I bought some inexpensive kraft cards and envelopes and went to work with some cut up pages of a vintage fairytale book and random embellishments.  I also purchased a huge pack of about 500 plain gift tags and set about kitsching them up with washi tape, stickers, twine and old ribbons.  It's a perfect way to wile away the odd half hour of an evening.  I have also started keeping a scrapbook which I am enjoying and which I might share on here sometime.  I'm hoping this newly acquired hobby will give me more to blog about.  Win win.

So, what else has been happening?  Hmm, not much.  I blame the summer holidays.  It is never a productive time for me.  I tend to go through the entire month of August in suspended animation.  It's always been one of my least favourite months (at least since I was at school when, of course, I loved it).  It's a month where nothing gets done.  Everyone is on holiday or wishing they were on holiday.  There are lots more kidcentric activities and, in my case, running around trying to get uniform and school supplies ready in time for the beginning of September instead of leaving it to the last minute as usual and losing sleep over it. This year I had an additional incentive to get the school preparations out of the way quickly as we had a particularly significant family trip planned for the last 2 weeks of August, but more on that in my next couple of posts!


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