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Sylvia and Jennifer

During the May/June half term, we had a family holiday in North Devon.  We stayed in a very picturesque cottage within driving distance of Dartmoor.  One of the things I was most excited about was our close proximity to the unassuming and unremarkable village of North Tawton.
The reason?  It has a significant connection to two of my favourite ladies.  

Court Green, onetime home of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath

Fumy, spirituous mists inhabit this place Separated from my house by a row of headstones  I simply cannot see where there is to get to
Sylvia Plath The Moon & The Yew Tree

Ya know, I am not an academic or a wordsmith so I won't try to articulate how much Sylvia Plath's work has affected me, but seeing the context around this poem was pretty special.  Looking out over the church and the graveyard, the very surroundings she was in whilst writing 'Ariel' was quite something.
I was surprised to read that Ted Hughes lived in Court Green on and off for the rest of his…

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