Sunday, 19 June 2016

Berlin Photo Diary # 2 : Street Art & Tiki Heart

Junk shop selfie

As we ambled further on, away from the Potsdamer Platz, we saw a gradual change in our surroundings.  It became less shiny, less neat, grittier, more graffiti covered.  We eventually found ourselves in Kreuzberg where there were lots of dive bars, kebab houses, themed coffee bars, hipster bookshops and junk shops.

A secret garden?

And a big indoor farmer's market where sweet dreams are made of cheese

There were also lots of community spaces, one on nearly every street corner.  Either a basketball court, a children's play area or a green space with benches set back from the street like a mini-oasis.

Berlin is chilled.  Berlin takes street art to another level.  Berlin is also incredibly family friendly.  I saw countless young families, pushing prams and carrying toddlers.  Playing with them in the grassy areas.  Baby wearing mums and dads sitting in the graffiti covered street corner parks or outside coffee shops.  Not one of them looked rushed, strained, under pressure or on the verge of needing their anxiety meds to get them through the day.  Cycling is the preferred mode of transport with bicycle hire is available everywhere.  Cycle lanes dominate the pavement and woe betide if you get in their way.  Parents cycle their kids around by strapping them into child seats and trailers.

On day 3 we went to the Stasi Museum which was amazing.  Before that, we started the day by having breakfast at the legendary Tiki Heart.  I was so tempted to get the Johnny Rotten burger but I just wouldn't have been able to finish it.  Instead Mister and I both opted for the all day "Full English" which tasted as nice as it looks.  I had mine with a Pina Colada, just because.




  1. WHat fabulous photos! I love the way those green pipes look like an octopus (and like that ocean hideout in James Bond!)x

  2. Hi Sarah Jane :). I've always wanted to go to Berlin, even more so now after seeing your awesome pictures. Looks amazing. And here's to you for having a piña colada with breakfasts!


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