Sunday, 20 March 2016

Kids Corner

Toy storage in the living room.  That necessary evil parents (and grandparents) everywhere will think of and inwardly groan.  Our little mister is still only 2 so the toys and the mess follow him wherever he goes.  We decided, while redecorating the living room over the last few weeks, to donate a corner of the room to the inevitable and have done with it.  We opted for good old Kallax.  Don't you just love Ikea?

I considered buying the big wicker baskets to store the toys in but at £12 each, the thrifty side of me shuddered.  In the end we opted for these cheap and cheerful looking blue and yellow ones at £2.50 each.  They looked ok, but a bit too bright and nursery-like for the living room.  So, out came the Mod Podge, some vintage fabric I'd been saving, and some pegs to hold the drying fabric in place.

And they became this

Much better non?  

Even though it's Sunday these could definitely qualify for 'Crap Craft Wednesday' due to the outstanding attention to detail I've clearly shown here...

For now, I can just about cope with the toys in the living room as they are usually concentrated around one area.

Oh yes, and the lampshade you can see started out as a plain cream, slightly worse for wear looking piece of bric-a-brac from a local charity shop, until Mod Podge and vintage fabric worked their magic on it.  Now I just need to decide where to put it.

I might get around to photographing the rest of the living room, if it stays tidy for long enough.

Things may get a little slower around here on the craft front as although I started out with a bang, my joyous, colourful, crafty Wednesdays are no more.  The wave of optimism I was riding has crashed ashore.  Yes, the unimaginative and insipid drones in my management chain have decided that I must return to work on a Wednesday and that no other day will do.  My day of freedom is no more.  The result being that they now have one stressed, hacked off and resentful employee who is zapped of all good will; as opposed to one who is extremely grateful for the flexibility, refreshed, productive and willing to go the extra mile.

I found this definition on Urban Dictionary that I quite like:-


A low ranking official who follows their instructions and procedure to the letter. Often just to piss you off and to make them feel important."

I think I've made my point.

Till next time xxx


  1. Oh yes, that is indeed a good make-over, the prints you've used are fantastic. We're passed the toys stage, but still manage to have child detritus all over the bloody place. Admittedly, a fair share of the shit is mine...
    Shame about losing your Wednesday off, sometimes organisations are painfully short-sighted about the wellbeing and motivation of their staff. Xxx

  2. I love the makeover! I've tried making my kid's nursery all cute and organized but as soon I do they dump everything out on the floor and sit in the baskets and tear them up. I stopped trying.

  3. I LOVE those ikea boxes now they're all vintage-fabric-ed-up! Why haven't I ever thought of doing that!?


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